An inspiring wedding photographer once said "if you're in it for the money, you are in for the wrong reason" My name is Ghanem, I'm an artist before I was ever a photographer.

Penciling was my first medium when my mother enrolled me in after school sketch classes. I was trained to look for lines and create shadows to define light. I grew excelling in spatial geometry and had passion to self-expression and a special interest in visual arts. It took years of practice and hard work in photography studios to fall in love in my own work, I went to colleges in Michigan and in Virginia to learn from professionals in the industry the art of post production and photo processing.

As a wedding photographer I look for moments, details, and motion that screams love. I search and document emotional memories for people to see and feel every time they come across a wedding album I’ve created. I choose to keep my lens focused on what matters the most, smiles, laughs, and tears of joy. My camera and I are one will be dancing close by at your first dance as a husband and wife. Over all, wedding photography is more than just a gig for a day. it's a responsibility, reputation, and passion. 

I make the best effort to be there on your rehearsal day to meet with your friends and family to break the ice and make everyone comfortable with me before I bring out my big lenses.

I have been very lucky to be invited as photographers to intimate places and homes of brides and grooms. It's a privilege and a true honor to consider my service for your wedding