Why do we have weddings? Is it so everyone can see us all dressed at our best, or to swap rings and recite vows? Is it to celebrate your love with all of your family and friends and dance the night away? You may say  to yourself all of the above, and we agree. Weddings are special days, chalked with lots of tradition and fun. Anxiety, however, often runs high even amongst the most calm. So our question is why not break a little of the tension and add a little more fun to the festivities? The ProBooth is that little bit of extra oomph, if you will, that will get your guests up and excited to enjoy the reception. Some people are hesitant to get up and dance, but everyone loves taking goofy pictures with their friends! Here are a few favorites from our most recent wedding at Pacific Grill Events Center. We hope these photos inspire you to make your wedding not just about the tradition but about enjoying the day with the ones you love. Cheers!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as we enjoyed capturing them. 

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