Thank you For giving us a chance to prove we are the right photographers, your inquiry has been qued. Here is a quick bit of information that can answer a whole lot of questions



Timing is everything

It’s no secret that lighting is key in producing great photos. Photographers are always chasing the “perfect” light. For this reason shortly after Sunrise and a few hours before Sunset are the ideal times for sessions. You may be thinking mornings just aren’t your thing? A few things to think about, there are usually fewer people to compete for space at Sunrise and it is a much cooler time to shoot during summer months. Still not convinced? Well Sunset it is!


Location, Location, Location

Choose a location that fits both of your personalities and makes you the most comfortable. If your both coffee fanatics a small coffee shop would be great, or if urban is more your feel then a city street with great buildings and architecture may be perfect. If you’re all about nature then choosing a big open field or your favorite park might be the right choice. Don’t count out unusual places like parking garages or old buildings. Possibilities are endless so be creative! We do recommend for engagement sessions, however, think about a location that fits the overall theme of your wedding. If you don’t want to tie the theme of the wedding in with the location, maybe it can be reflected somewhere in your wardrobe.


What am I going to wear?!

Confidence is key. No seriously, it is! Photos capture your true emotion, so wear something that is comfortable and makes you feel confident. In terms of color, think primary and secondary colors. These colors look great on everyone and help you stand out from the background. Even if you wear just a blue shoe, yellow tie, or a punch of red lipstick it will transform the look of the outfit and overall feel of the photo.

Dress as though you two are going to the same event, but avoid matching. Instead choose colors that go well together. Also, try to avoid things like baggy clothes, sneakers, and logo shirts.


Accessories? Yes Please!

Accessories are a great way to spice up an outfit and add to the originality of your look, so throw on a pair of fabulous heels, colorful belt, or some bangles.  Men think about adding a fedora, pop-of-color tie, or even suspenders. We can take some photos with, some without, and you can choose what look suits you best. Also, don’t forget your hair and makeup! And if you plan on showing off that fabulous new ring a quick manicure might be a good idea.


Keep in mind these are just suggestions. At the end of the day it is important that you are as comfortable and confident as possible. So get creative and have fun! You’re in LOVE! We can’t wait to document your love real soon!